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Lights Out Houston

The third Lights Out event in Houston was held on April 23, 2010, at 10 PM. Commercial buildings and tenants throughout the Houston region turned off their lights in an effort to reduce energy use and to raise awareness of the benefits of energy conservation. While this is a one-day event, businesses are encouraged to continue their energy savings throughout the year. In addition to saving energy, turning off unnecessary lighting reduces bird mortality caused by collisions. So help our birds while saving energy. Encourage your employer to sign the pledge to reduce energy consumption.

Lights Out Houston Pledge

Houston Audubon has joined with the Greater Houston Partnership, the City of Houston, the City of Sugar Land, CenterPoint Energy, and a host of local businesses and building managers to help expand the Lights Out Houston campaign. Lights Out Houston is a voluntary effort to reduce unnecessary lighting in our region during evening hours. The program saves money, conserves energy, and improves the well-being of the hundreds of bird species that migrate through our area every spring and fall. Lights Out Houston is also part of a broader campaign, furthered with the support of the American Bird Conservancy, to reduce unnecessary lighting throughout the United States and Canada. Houston is joining Chicago, Toronto, New York, and other cities in leading the campaign to prevent bird mortality while conserving energy and saving money.

The goal of Houston Audubon is to increase participation in the Lights Out program both in our area and nationally. Small steps taken by a number of people can make a significant impact. You can help by asking at work whether your employer is aware of the program - this is an opportunity for businesses to save money. Suggest that your employer contact the building manager to join the program. Mention the program to friends and colleagues, and reduce lighting in your own homes.

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