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Membership Form for new memberships and renewals.

For address and e-mail changes and other membership inquiries, please contact us at membership@houstonaudubon.org by e-mail or telephone 713-932-1639.

Join us as a local supporting member of Houston Audubon Society

Various levels of membership are available (see below) and all of the dollars from your membership stay with Houston Audubon to support its membership services and conservation programs. Included in your membership is a subscription to our bimonthly newsletter, The Naturalist. Local members also receive discounts to certain activities and the ability to participate in members-only events. Houston Audubon local members are able to subscribe to NARBA at a reduced rate.

Membership Levels

  • $500 (Gold)
  • $250 (Silver)
  • $100 (Bronze)
  • $50 (Family)
  • $30 (Individual)
  • $15 (Student)

Membership in both Houston Audubon and National Audubon Society

If you live in Houston or surrounding counties, you can join National Audubon Society (NAS), which then assigns you to Houston Audubon Society. This kind of membership makes you eligible for one issue annually of The Naturalist newsletter. However, your dues to NAS will only be shared with Houston Audubon in your first year of membership, and only if you use the reference code W05 in the drop down menu on NAS’s online membership form. Please consider joining both Houston Audubon and NAS by paying two separate membership fees. That way you support NAS in its lobbying efforts at the national level, and you support Houston Audubon and all of its conservation programs and membership services at the local level.

To join the National Audubon Society, please refer to the online membership form on their website.


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